Our Story

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O U R   V I B R A N T   W O R L D


… t h e n

Alonnisos Travel was the brain child of newlyweds, Diogenis and Dimitra Theodorou way back in 1987. The business started out by providing boat and ferry tickets to the neighboring islands and Greek mainland.

Throughout the years, the restless couple simply identified the blanket gap existing in the travel agency’s field and created a concept that defines destination. That of Alonnisos Travel and more !


p h i l o s o p h y

The company’s philosophy is simple enough: encounter customer as a unique active traveler and offer him what he wants, when he wants it at a competitive price.

Quality of service is number one priority accompanied to an authentic caring approach of a local agency.


n o w …

The family-run company maintains its original philosophy.

The vibrant world of Alonnisos Travel and more consists of coastal ticketing, rental vehicle, accommodation, customized villas’ rent, sea excursions on proprietary vessel, trekking excursions and more.

We are proud of having offered our service approach to hundreds of satisfied travelers and thrilled to the feedback we have received!